Parasol Wooden Shutters Range



Premium Light Hardwood Materials

Star Shutters provides premium light hardwood materials for our advanced Parasol Wooden Shutters Range. These are premium woods that are light in nature and perfect for large windows and openings in various rooms. Beautiful wood grain that shows through their exquisite polish and even a painted finish makes these a luxury window or door dressing option. Full parasol wooden shutters designs are available with a combination of door and attached window coverage for large entrances or living room sides. Star Shutters provides an affordable and light parasol wooden shutter range for all kinds of domestic and commercial requirements.


Fancy Parasol Wooden Shutters for Different Uses

Star Shutters provides competitively priced parasol shutters for many different uses. These can be fitted perfect on patio doors in their full opening coverage style. Special shapes are also available with these fancy parasol wooden shutters. The fashionable louvred shutters style is perfect for beautiful interior settings like large living room doors and windows or any other commercial and industrial interiors.

Near Black Out Real Wood Parasol Shutters

Since these parasol shutters are made from real light wood materials, interior rooms can get near black out properties with efficient noise reduction and enhanced security for doors and windows as well. Star shutters offers all sizes and different stained finishes with a wide range of hinges to match their look and feel. Bright or antique brass, nickel and also stainless-steel hinges make them perfectly usable for a long time. Custom printing in any colours and finishes are also available at affordable prices.

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Different Styles and Designs of Parasol Shutters Are Available

Star Shutters offers leading parasol wooden shutters in many different styles and orientations. Whether you need these for your entrances, living rooms, bedrooms, offices or any other settings, we will provide matching shutters for all requirements.

Full Height Parasol Shutters

Custom real wood parasol shutters are available with customized full height layouts. These full height shutters grace window and door openings perfectly with their whole space covering ability. Custom designs and quality materials make these great for all requirements.

Café Style Parasol Shutters

For people looking to maximize daylight at all times while also benefit from the light beautiful parasol shutter range, Star Shutters provides custom café style parasol shutters. These have their top halves open for daylight and other elements when required.

Tier on Tier Parasol Shutters

For privacy and daylight control seekers, Star Shutters offers our perfect tier on tier style parasol wood shutters. Open any of their sides on your large openings to let in daylight or fresh air. We provide affordable tier on tier parasol shutters in all colours and finishes for large windows or doors.

Tracked Parasol Shutters

For bedrooms or office rooms where there is not much room to allow shutter doors or panels to fly around, Star Shutters provides our custom tracked parasol shutters. These slide on their tracks perfect and are available in all designs and colour finishes.

Solid Panel Parasol Shutters

For people who need blacked out rooms during the day, Star Shutters has perfect solid panel parasol wood shutters. These are light solid panels of polished wood that can make your rooms perfectly blacked out at any time of the day. All wood grain finishes and colours are available.

Star Shutters Offers Quality with Affordable Prices

For all large openings like doors and windows in any types of interior settings, Star Shutters provides quality parasol shutters at affordable prices. High-quality light real wood materials are used to make these quality shutters. Our custom parasol wood shutters are available in many parts of the UK including London, Birmingham, Redditch, WorcesterCoventry, North London, Bromsgrove, Kidderminster and, Sheffield.

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