Top Quality Shutters in Coventry

Star Shutters is one of the most reliable window and door shutters supplier in the UK. We have been serving the market with quality shutters for a long time. Our shutters in Coventry service comes with free fitting for all windows and doors. Cheap shutters in Coventry UK with high quality materials and some of the most attractive finishes make our services stand out from the rest. Our various styles of shutters in all colours and designs are available in made to measure precise sizes. We offer:

☆ Custom made to measure window shutters in Coventry for all window sizes

☆ Cheap shutters in Coventry with top quality materials

☆ Hardwood and waterproof material choices available for all rooms and interior settings

☆ Various styles of shutters available at affordable prices with free fitting in Coventry

☆ All colours, sizes, designs and varieties of shutters available in Coventry

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Top Quality Shutters in Coventry

Quality Hardwood and Waterproof Materials

Do you need shutters for your bedrooms, living rooms, offices and other commercial rooms and windows where water splashes are no risk? Are you looking for quality window shutters for bathrooms, kitchens, garages or other windows where water splashes are commonplace?

Star Shutters will provide suitable shutters in Coventry for all your requirements and preferences. We have the traditional hardwood shutters that are made from real wooden materials topped with longest lasting layers of colours. We also provide the beautiful waterproof polyvinyl Window shutters that fair much better when exposed to water and liquids. Get perfect shutters for all windows and doors customized beautifully for your preferences.

Beautiful Shutters in Many Different Styles

Star Shutters is a trusted window shutters provider in Coventry. Our localized manufacturing and designing provides brilliant shutters in many different styles. We offer customized shutters for all types of design preferences. Some of the very best shutter styles that we provide include:

  • Beautiful full height shutters covering windows and doors fully
  • Half window coverage café style shutters available in all sizes and finishes
  • Brilliant tier on tier shutters enabling you to open whatever part of your windows for daylight
  • Full darkening solid panel shutters available for all windows in Coventry
  • Functional gliding track shutters perfect for small bedrooms with large openings
  • Custom shaped window shutters available for the most unique window sizes and shapes

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Free Fitting with Shutters in Coventry

Star Shutters provides a professional window shutter service in Coventry. No longer will you have to fit your shutters on your own and leave some sides and corners looking untidy and damaged. Call now and we will arrange a professional window measurement appointment anywhere in Coventry UK. Our brilliant shutters in Coventry are also available with free fitting. Once made, our professional fitters will fit them on your windows on a day and time of your choice. Call now and get free fitting in Coventry for brilliant Bay window shutters.

Get Full Control Over Privacy and Daylight

Different people have different preferences when it comes to privacy and daylight for interiors and rooms. Star Shutters offers brilliant full privacy shutters in the form of our solid panel shutters, tier on tier shutters and full height shutters. These allow you to control daylight with full privacy at all times. We also offer the half window covering café style shutters that will keep your rooms alight and offer adequate privacy for certain window height. We make you get full control of your windows in Coventry with professionally designed custom made to measure shutters.