Commercial and Office Windows Shutters

Beautiful Commercial and Office Windows Shutters

Star Shutters offers quality commercial shutters and office window shutters at cheap prices in the UK. Our locally manufactured window shutters are available in many different styles and designs to suit all offices and commercial buildings interior settings. We provide quality white shutters and also beautiful plantation shutters or wooden shutters for all settings in different designs. Our custom window shutters for commercial building windows and office space windows are available with:

  • Beautiful design customizations in colours and finishes
  • Free home survey available in select cities and towns
  • Fast and free fitting available in select areas of UK
  • Cheap windows blinds for commercial and office windows
  • Quality wooden blinds or plantation blinds with custom designs
  • Attractive window covering options with a variety of shutter styles
  • All sizes, dimensions and shapes available with custom shutters
Commercial Shutters

Fancy Shutter Styles for Every Commercial or Office Window

Different office settings and commercial building interiors will need shutter blinds in different styles. Star Shutters for all commercial UK windows now offers brilliantly designed bright window shutters with fancy window covering options. Our shutters are available in a variety of window covering styles that can be mixed and matched across large office spaces or commercial building windows. These include:

Full Height Office Window Shutters

Just like their name says, full height shutters cover your office and commercial windows fully. White shutters in full height format or coloured wooden shutters make any office space look and feel bright. You can also open them at any time to get just the perfect daylight control and noise reduction too.

Fancy Café Style Shutters for Offices

Specializing in maximizing daylight during bright hours of the day, café style shutters leave the top portion of your office windows open. Available in wooden shutters types with wooden colours and patterns and also elegant white shutters, these grace any office window perfectly with elegance.

Tier on Tier Commercial Window Shutters

For commercial buildings and offices that need to block most of daylight away and also control privacy with daylight at different times, fancy tier on tier window shutters work best. These let users open any of their four panels to let in daylight while maintain privacy at other portions.

Solid Panel Shutters for Commercial Windows

Some commercial settings that prefer blackout interiors, custom solid panel shutters provide the best solutions. Star Shutters offers solid panel shutters that are made from real basswood offering luxury finishes. Get wooden shutters or plantation shutters in solid panels for any commercial windows.

Shaped Window Shutters for Offices

For offices that have unusually shaped windows, Star Shutters also offers our specialized shaped window shutters. Our custom designed perfect fit shutters offer versatile usage with suitable designs for all windows in offices and commercial buildings.

Office Windows shutters

Perfect Fit Shutters with Free Home Survey and Fitting

Star Shutters is you home for best window shutters service in the UK. We provide perfect fit shutters for all commercial building windows and also office windows in all colours and designs. 

Get wooden shutters for office windows or any other perfect fit options with free home survey and fitting in select areas. 

We offer free home survey and fitting in LondonBirminghamRedditchWorcesterCoventryNorth LondonBromsgroveKidderminster, and Sheffield.

Call now to book your home survey appointment at your convenience in mentioned cities and towns.

Quality Materials in Different Shutters Range

Star Shutters provides shutter blinds that are always made from the very best of materials. Our wooden shutters for office windows or commercial windows are made from the best plantation materials that are processed in the right way to become beautiful and durable at the same time. Different range of shutters that we provide includes:

  • Basswood Shutters for Offices – Made from authentic basswood, these wooden shutters are truly the most formal and luxurious in their overall finishes and styling. Available in different window covering styles, these provide a rich look for every office or commercial building.
  • MDF Shutters for Commercial Buildings – Lightweight and yet very durable MDF shutters are available for commercial building windows in all sizes and designs. These medium density fibreboard shutters are made to last and are available in any designs and styles.
  • Parasol Wooden Shutters – Made from parasol wood, these plantation shutters are the perfect choice for many commercial buildings or offices. Get these in any wooden colours and grainy finishes to make your space look bright and vivid.
  • Waterproof Commercial Shutters – For commercial buildings that have windows in exposed positions, Star Shutters now offers waterproof shutters. These are made from quality polyvinyl materials that are coated with extra water-resistant layers of paints and colours.

Call now or get a quick quote for any required shutters range with quality materials from Star Shutters.