Window Shutters in Birmingham

Star Shutters is a professional window and door shutter provider in Birmingham. We have many different styles, designs, materials and colors of shutters available at affordable prices with free fitting all around Birmingham. We help make your windows and doors neater and more functional with highly performing shutters in Birmingham. With over a decade of experience, Star Shutters is a name you can trust for made to measure window shutters in all designs and sizes. We provide:


☆ Made to measure window and door shutters in all sizes and designs

☆ Top quality materials in hardwood and waterproof styles 

☆ Affordable window or door shutters in Birmingham with free fitting

☆ Many different styles and types of shutters available to choose from

☆ Shutters in Birmingham in all colors, designs and finishes available

Window Shutters in Birmingham
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Versatile Shutters Available in Different Styles

Star Shutters provides many types and styles of window and door shutters in Birmingham. Our variety of shutters is available for all kinds of domestic doors and windows, offices and commercial buildings. Whether you want to cover your windows or doors fully or prefer to have them partially covered, we will provide a great shutter solution for all your needs. Our custom made to measure shutters in Birmingham are available in:

  • Beautiful café style shutters that cover only the bottom part providing full daylight
  • Brilliant full height shutters blocking out daylight turning your rooms dark and cozy
  • Fancy tier on tier shutters that provide you the control of daylight and fresh air factors
  • Majestic shaped window shutters for unusually shaped windows in homes or other buildings
  • Advanced gliding track shutters that glide on or off perfectly on your windows
  • Brilliant full solid panel shutters providing completely dark rooms when required

See our different shutters in Birmingham styles here to find out more.

Free Shutters Fittings Provided in Birmingham

When it comes to window or door shutters, Star Shutters is a name you can trust to get high-quality experience. We provide free fitting for all our fancy window shutters and door shutters in Birmingham. Call now to book your window measurement appointment or let us know the exact sizes you need your shutters in. Our expert comes down to your location in Birmingham taking precise measurements of your required custom shutters. Made to measure shutters are designed for your needs and sent with the expert to your location where we will also fit them free of cost. Neat finishes with proper long-lasting fittings are provided with top-quality shutters in Birmingham.

Affordable Shutters in Birmingham Offering Full Control

For people who work night shifts and have to spend part of the daytime sleeping, window shutters are very important. Star Shutters provides you full control of your windows where you can allow as much daylight as you need at any time of the day. We also provide affordable window shutters and door shutters in Birmingham of the highest quality. Top quality hardwood or waterproof polyvinyl materials are used to guarantee best shutter quality. Precise perfect fit shutters fit in the frame of your windows or doors perfectly offering perfect usage anytime you need. Open them up to let in daylight and fresh air when required and simply shut them out making your rooms dark and cozy when you prefer that setting.