We Specialize in High Quality Shutters

Star Shutters is a specialized shutter provide in many cities and parts of the UK. Our customer friendly process is designed to provide complete satisfaction and convenience to all our clients. We have a large variety of styles for all kinds of window shutters. High-quality processed materials are used in designing best looking shutters that perform all their functionalities pretty well as well. We help homeowners or commercial buildings get full control of daylight and outside factors at any time of the day with quality privacy shutters.

We Have a Variety of Attractive Shutter Styles

Star Shutters is a name you can trust for all kinds and styles of fancy shutters in UK. Our local manufacturing is able to provide some of the most beautiful shutters shapes, styles and designs. We have specialized:

      • Full Height ShuttersThese cover windows or doors beautifully offering full privacy and daylight for any room any time you need.
      • Café Style Shutters With their customary bottom half window coverage, these provide privacy and daylight at the same time for all rooms.
      • Tier on Tier Shutters Enabling you to open any portion or side of your windows, these are best for people who need elegant designs with full window control.
      • Gliding Track ShuttersWith perfectly tucked sides that glide accurately onto your naked window or door sides, these are perfect for small rooms and large windows.
      • Shaped Window Shutters For all unique window shapes and designs, Star Shutters offers shaped window shutters in perfect fit designs.
      • Solid Panel Shutters Enabling fully blacked out rooms with maximum privacy, these are perfect for industrial windows or domestic windows where you want to block daylight.

Choose you favorite shutters styles and we will provide accurate made to measure shutters for your windows and doors.

Café Style Shutters
Tier on Tier Shutters in the UK

Window and Door Shutters Made Easy

Star Shutters believes in a fully satisfactory window and door shutters purchasing process for all our clients. Unlike many other similar service providers, we don’t just hand out your required shutters. Our team of professional experts offers a fully optimized service where you will get guarantee of best fitting with friendly service.

Call Now to Request Your Free Home Survey

To start things off, you will need to call Star Shutters. Our service available in select areas offers free home survey for everyone. Not just homes, our free survey option is available for offices, commercial buildings and also industrial structures. Call now and book your free survey with free window measurement service on your convenience.

Your Shutters, Your Decision

There is no obligation of any kind to buy from us even after the survey has taken place. Talk to our professionals and see if our services are best for you. We make your shutters on your request. Custom made to measure shutters are available for all windows and doors.

Free Fitting for Shutters

Once ready, we send out team of professional fitters down to your location in select areas again. Our free fitting for window shutters service enables clean and professional finishes for all kinds of shutters.

Our free home survey and free shutter fitting services are available for select areas in the UK.


We Provide Brilliant Range of Shutters in Unique Materials

Star Shutters is a name you can trust when it comes to fancy perfect fit shutters. We have years of experience making windows in the UK look great. Cover your windows in style with our beautiful range of shutters.

  • MDFFine Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) materials are used making this range of window shutters extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain, hard wearing and also affordable.
  • Hardwood Also called Basswood, these are made from real wood materials. Beautiful coatings and colours are applied to their top surfaces for great appearances and finishes.
  • Parasol WoodPerfect for large windows and doors, parasol wood shutters offer a unique perfect wooden finish as well. These are light, extremely elegant and perfect for large openings.
  • Waterproof Like their name says, waterproof polyvinyl materials are used for these brilliant shutters. Bathrooms, kitchens and other water prone spaces with windows close to hoses or water outlets can have these elegant shutters.

We Serve Many Areas in the UK

Star Shutters is one of the most reliable window shutters service provide in many cities and parts of the UK. our services including free survey and free fitting options are available with:

☆ Perfect shutters in London for all windows and doors

☆ Custom made to measure shutters in Birmingham

☆ Amazing quality shutters in Manchester

☆ Perfect window and door shutters in Sheffield

☆ Perfect fit shutters in Kidderminster

☆ Fancy window and door shutters in Bromsgrove

☆ Beautiful shutters in Leeds

☆ Affordable shutters in Worcester

☆ Brilliant window shutters in Harrogate

☆ Beautifully customized shutters in Wakefield and many other cities in UK


Call now to find out if our free survey and fitting services are available in your area.