About Star Shutters

Star Shutters provide you with a professional service backed by one of the industry’s leading shutter manufacturer Santa Fe Shutters.

We simply measure your windows up & order your shutters in from our suppliers & once we’ve received your order we arrange a day / time suited best for you to do the installation.

We will measure & install your shutters and go through all of the options with you. Our approach is simple & clear.

Star Shutters is your local experts for internal window shutters & plantation shutters supply & install in all important areas of UK like KidderminsterBirminghamLondonBromsgroveWorcester, RedditchCoventry, North London,  and West London. 

Our industry leading suppliers Santa Fe Shutters makes us stand out from the crowd.

We can visit you at a time which best suits you. Usually between 8am to 8pm. 

Our prices are reasonable, our workmanship is fault less & our shutters simply look amazing. 

We supply & install shutters in both hardwood & Fauxwood. 

Our shutters are fully guaranteed for your peace of mind and Our best seller Fauxwood is backed by a 10 year warranty


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Perfect Fit Shutter


Star Shutters offers perfect fit shutters in many parts of the UK. Our experienced and professional shutter designers make your windows look neat and perfect with made to measure accuracy.


Free Fitting


Star Shutters provides free windows measurements and free fitting for our quality window shutters. Get professional tidy finish for your window shutters and make your windows look and feel great.


At Your Doorstep 


Call Star Shutters now and book your appointment in select areas. Our expert professionals provide free shipping with all high-quality Window Shutters that we offer with unmatched convenience.

Shaped Windows Shutters

Perfect Fit Shutters for All Shapes and Styles of Windows

Star Shutters is UK’s most trusted windows shutters supplier. We have advanced shutters designing techniques and equipment that help us design some of the best ones for all windows. Whether you have the regular square or rectangular windows or some of those fancy tilted and angular designs, our professional quality made to measure perfect fit window shutters will provide the best options. We provide perfect fit windows shutters in all sizes, shapes and styles.

Our proper day and night shutters work perfectly on all window types. We provide long-lasting opening and shutting mechanisms that keep our Window Shutters going great for a long time. Our custom made to measure shutters fit all window panes perfectly. Whether you need outside window pane fittings or inside ones, our shutters will provide the solutions. Our professional windows shutters designers keep in account all requirements from our clients. Proper fittings leave no room for error and there is never any flex or give in any of our windows shutter fittings. Choose your preferred windows shutters styles and shapes and we will deliver on all your expectations in the KidderminsterBirminghamLondonBromsgroveWorcester, RedditchCoventry, North London,  and West London UK.

Star Shutters provides many UK areas with perfect fit Window Shutters. You can choose any regular style and sizes of shutters or can also provide us any custom requirements. We provide perfect shutters for those fancy old-style windows as well. Let in all the daylight you need during the day and close your window shutters for outstanding privacy when required as well. Call now to book your window shutters and we will ensure proper perfect fitting for all your windows in the UK.


Brilliant Shutters All Across the UK

Star Shutters is UK’s most trusted windows shutters provider. We help homes, commercial and industrial buildings and also offices make their windows look great and function proper. Our Windows Shutters service is available all across the UK. We serve all cities and regions of the country including Kidderminster, Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Leeds, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, Manchester and all of London. Windows shutters are available with free shipping all across the country. We have our own shipping channels in the UK that guarantee safe delivery.

Star Shutters also provides windows shutters for all windows in the UK. Whether you need to block out the daylight or need to make your rooms private at any time of the day, our full window shutters will provide great functionality. We serve all homes with domestic window shutters and office with professional window shutters as well. Our windows shutters are available for all commercial and industrial windows as well. Grace your windows with beautiful windows shutters in the UK making them function just as you want at any time of the day.

We also provide great value for money for all our windows shutters in the UK. Get high-quality shutters that are made from authentic materials. Our shutters are also available in all color choices making any design themes in any kinds of buildings look and feel great. Get a free quote here or call us now to get professional windows shutters advice. We have windows shutters of all types and styles available anywhere in the UK like KidderminsterBirminghamLondonBromsgroveWorcester, RedditchCoventry, North London,  and West London. Our professional team of experts always provides the right windows shutters making your windows look and feel great.

Gliding Track Shutters
Gliding Track Shutters

Custom Bi-Fold Gliding Track Shutters

Beautiful in their design and functional in their working, gliding track shutters are one of the best for all kinds of modern interiors.

Café Style Shutters

Beautiful Café Style Shutters for Every Interior

Beautiful in their design and functional in their working, gliding track shutters are one of the best for all kinds of modern interiors.

Tier on Tier Shutters in the UK

Beautiful Tier on Tier Shutters in the UK

Star Shutters provides beautifully customised tier on tier shutters in the UK. We provide made to measure tier on tier shutters for all kinds of domestic.

Full Height Shutters

Brilliant Full Height Shutters Perfect for Every Room

Like their name says, Full Height Shutters specialize in covering windows or doors fully. These are made in perfect fit sizes that cover up full length.

Solid Panel Shutters

Exquisite Solid Panel Shutters

Custom solid panel shutters specialize in offering full daylight control enabling users to completely darken their rooms at any times of the day.

Shaped Windows Shutters

Made to Measure Shaped Windows Shutters

Different windows in different homes, offices and commercial buildings are in different shapes and designs.